Preparing Your Home for Fall

With the change of each season, there is proper maintenance you should be doing. Fall is no exception to this way of thinking, and if you’re stuck on what you should be doing to get ahead of the game, hopefully, we can help with this guide.

Clear Out the Gutters

If you didn’t take care of this simple chore last fall or on the spring, you’ve got some work to do. Start by removing all the leaves and other debris from your and drain pipes. This will help decrease the amount of leaves that are in these areas once the leaves start falling at a fast rate. Make sure to clean the gutters throughout the fall season to avoid clogging and damage to your gutters

Clean the Fireplace and Chimney

Now that the weather will be getting cooler and eventually colder, it’s a good idea to clean up your chimney and fireplace now instead of waiting until you need it. You can clear out ash and charred wood from the fireplace yourself, but leave the chimney cleaning to a professional. You should also have the chimney cleaner check the damper to ensure it can be tightly closed to prevent drafts.

Check the Heating System

Along the same idea of having your fireplace ready before you need, the same goes for your home’s heating system. Make sure to call a specialist and have them ensure your furnace is running properly and perform and repairs if necessary. You can also do a survey of your home’s heating vents to make sure they’re not blocked or covered by furniture, carpeting, or curtains. Dust all the vents and clean all filters.

Check for Drafts

When it comes to your heating unit, you want that warm air to stay within the walls of your home right? Make sure that you check your home for any areas that Prepare for fall by checking for drafts. Stay warm, save energy, and reduce your heating bills by examining windows and doors for cracks. If you do find drafts, be sure to seal them properly to prevent drafts.


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