How To Develop New Habits For Success

Want to get a sneak peek into your future? Most people have a fascination with predicting what the future will hold. But in all honesty, destiny is not to be found in the prophecy of some fortune teller. It is the composite of all our everyday habits that will lay the foundation of a better tomorrow!

Aristotle rightly implied this in “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

You can take control of your life and future by cultivating healthy habits and routines. Here are three simple strategies that will help you create habits which will keep you on the road to success in all aspects of your life!

Learn to spot your bad or unproductive habits

Old habits die hard! However, letting go of our toxic habits gets even more difficult when we don’t recognize them! Do you have a propensity to procrastinate until you see the deadline coming? Do you often find your mind clouded with negative thoughts?

Whether it is your workplace or your personal space, try to evaluate your patterns of thinking and behavior. Work out the why of each habit, and then you’ll know how to change them. Start small and gradually you can make a big difference in your life!

Define the good habits you want to create and incorporate them into your life gradually!

If you have become a procrastinator because you are not well-organized, begin with preparing a to-do list daily or weekly that will keep you on track!

Likewise, start with finding out what triggers that string of pessimistic thoughts. Is it because of the people around you? Or is it your tendency to focus on the negative? Make an effort to spend time more of your time with friends that seem to have a more positive outlook. Is there a pattern to when you start to feel negative thoughts creeping in? Can you interrupt that pattern with something that makes you feel good?

One by one, you can create new habits that will align with the lifestyle that you want. Being a regular reader, becoming more responsible towards nature, practicing good hygiene, learning to spend money wisely, and developing the habit of gratitude instead of envying what others have – these are some good habits that will pay off in the long run!

Don’t let “screw-it” temptations lead you astray!

Good habits, especially when they are new, are critical to stick by!  One way to avoid abandoning them is by starting small. Self-control is a muscle that needs to be exercised to get stronger.  Start with simple things that don’t require much willpower and work your way up to bigger changes.

For example instead of deciding to completely change negative thinking make an effort to start every day with one good thought! Instead of trying to finish that difficult project right away, break it into small parts over a couple of days or weeks. Instead of trying to adopt several new habits at once, tackle one thing at a time.

It takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Three weeks can seem like a long time, but if you do something, no matter how small, you can be on your way to changing your habits and routine. Try not to overwhelm yourself during those three weeks. Do what it takes to do that one thing everyday, no matter how long it might take you at first.

The most important thing to remember – is never to stop trying to improve. Remember why you are trying to make new habits, and give yourself time adopt new behaviors and make them a part of your lifestyle before adding more to your routine.  Failure is a part of life, but it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. If you fail once, try again! Your success in life is in your hands! Go for it and work hard.

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