Tips for Fun, Safe Family Vacations

Going on an extended vacation and spending quality time with family is one of the biggest highlights of the summer season. However, it isn’t always guaranteed to be all fun and laughter, especially when there are so many things that could go wrong. With a little planning and research, you can not only ensure an exciting family vacation for your loved ones but also avoid any troubles that might threaten their safety and peace of mind.
In this blog, we are sharing some convenient tips on how to travel smart when traveling with family. Keep them in mind before you make the big move and book your tickets.
Things To Do Before You Travel
1)    Find The Right Destination
Remember, it is a family vacation! Hence, it is important to consider every family member’s preference when deciding for a destination. This is especially so if you have small kids at home. Gather everyone in a place and talk about the budget, individual expectations, and timing.
2)    Plan Everything Ahead
Make a detailed itinerary that includes everything – the transport options, the hotel information, the places you would visit-  for a hassle-free trip. It is always a good idea to know about your destination (and its culture!) so that you know what to expect when you land there.
3)    Pack Smart
Use smart ways to pack your clothes. Roll your clothing and put socks and underwear inside your shoes. Select versatile clothes that you can mix and match during the trip. Ensure to keep a first aid kit as well. You can also save a lot of space by keeping your toiletries in small pouches.
4)    Carry Important Documents
Make sure that you have all the important documents with you. You can keep your papers and passport in a separate bag and put them in an accessible corner of your handbag. Don’t forget to keep a copy of the originals.
5)    Prepare Your Kids
Tell your kids how they must behave during the trip. Discuss with them the itinerary and make them get acquainted with the schedule. Assure them that you’ll be covering all their favorite places on the trip.
6)    Get Yourself Insured
Travel insurance guarantees financial coverage for any mishap that may occur during the trip. By choosing to insure yourself, you not only assure the well-being of your family but also complete peace of mind.
Things To Do While Travelling
1)    Use Cards More Than Cash
Cut down on the risk of theft by using international debit or credit cards for transactions. Use cash only when shopping from local shops that accept local currency.
2)    Bring A Few Comforts From Home
Keep yourself and your children busy during the travel. Make an activity pack and fill it with games, puzzles, stuffed toys,  and books to use for passing the time.
3)    Create Information Cards
If possible, create an information card for each family member. You can also keep small handbooks to note information such as contact number, hotel address, and a common meeting place for emergencies.
Things To Do When You’re There
1)    Pick A Family Friendly Location
Choose a hotel that is located in a safe area, preferably in the proximity of the local attractions, food outlets, and the marketplace.
2)    Buy A Local Sim Card
By buying a local sim card, you can immensely cut down on the cost of calls and messages. It will also provide you with better connectivity throughout your trip.
3)    Keep The Cost Down
Keep your travel cost as down as possible. Opt for public transportation instead of cabs. Go to local shops to eat, as the food will be much cheaper and more authentic than famous tourist food places. Explore free attractions.
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