Fall Home Maintenance Checklist To Prep Your Home For Winter

Fall can be a gorgeous sight with leaves turning to brilliant gold and air getting colder! Aside from putting up your holiday lights and sprucing up your interiors, fall is also the time to ready your home for winter. Here is a simple fall maintenance checklist to get you started on the task of preparing your home for winter!
Clean the Gutters
Fall brings a long list of outdoor chores, which include clearing up the fallen leaves, twigs, and debris. However, don’t forget that these can also end up in your gutters and clog them. When it snows, rains, or sleets, the water will not be able to drain out quickly through the clogged gutters. Make sure to clean your gutters regularly throughout the fall to safeguard the overall structure of your home, especially the siding, trim, and the roof, from the damages due to stagnant water!
Don’t Forgo Professional Roof Inspection
A damaged roof can jeopardize your safety as winter weather tends to worsen even minor roof problems. Roof leaks, missing shingles or damaged roof structures, and cracked or destroyed gutters – expect the worst from Virginia’s cold temperatures and winter storms. So, have your roof inspected by a professional this fall and get all the maintenance and repair work done in time!
Have Your Furnace Repaired
Fall is the time to turn on your furnace or heating systems after months of inactivity. However, what is even more important is to get it inspected by a certified HVAC technician to ensure that your heating system is ready for whatever temperatures winter may bring. An early tune-up ensures that your furnace is in the best shape and has no leaks. A tune-up service also involves identifying problems and making repairs that help prevent major breakdowns in the peak of winter.
Replace Your Cracked Or Damaged Windows
If your windows are quite old, replace them now to keep your indoors warm and your family safe in winter. The reason why this is a must-do task is that freezing temperatures can weaken the glass panes, leading them to develop cracks. Having a cracked window in your home during winter can be dangerous, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Aside from your window panes, also inspect the frames and consider replacing the old, drafty window frames.
Insulate Your Pipes
Burst or cracked pipes are a significant problem for homeowners in winter! To prevent this, you not only have to turn off all the exterior faucets, where possible, and drain the remaining water out but also have to take care of your indoor pipes and insulate them. Insulating your plumbing network is quickly done by using a lagging. Get it from any hardware store near you!
Tend To Your Outdoor Greenspace
Your fall property maintenance checklist also extends to outdoors. Start by pruning all the trees and cutting off dead, weak, or diseased branches to prevent the risk of limbs falling on windy or snowy days. Also, rake your lawn to clear foliage and debris build-up, and don’t forget to pull off dead grass too. If your paths or steps have patches of moss or weed growth, clear them up as they can make the surface slippery during winter.

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